Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 Operation Apocalypse Z starts today on PS4

Treyarch has unveiled their zombie-themed update for last year’s Call Of Duty, with a giant-sized version of Nuketown and multiple other new maps. It’s barely more than three months before the Modern Warfare reboot is released and we still know very little about it, compared to any other Call Of Duty game at this stage in the year. But while […]

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TGC Tours Adds A New Layer To The Golf Club 2019

The majority of gamers buy and play a game just the way it was intended, even if modes or functionality are missing or incomplete. In the case of TGC Tours, for the last five years over 16,000 video game golf fans have used the website as a jumping off point for their own ambitions of becoming a golfing legend in HB Studios’ […]

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