Vive Developer Day Comes to VR Days Europe

VR Days Europe is one of the biggest events dedicated to virtual reality (VR) on the continent, offering a chance for industry professionals from across the globe to get together and discuss what’s happening now and in the future. As part of the three-day event HTC Vive will be hosting its bi-annual Vive Developer Day on Friday. Part of the […]

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Going Big

Since Pokémon’s debut, the mainline series has existed solely on handheld devices. Being able to adventure in the world of Pokémon while being anywhere in the real world is enticing, but fans have long clamored to see the series deliver a mainline console RPG. However, developer Game Freak was reluctant to create a game that players couldn’t take with them. […]

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Call of Duty Server Status: Modern Warfare DOWN on PS4, Xbox One and PC

Call of Duty Modern Warfare servers are down this afternoon, which obviously ain't great. PS4, Xbox One and PC players are reporting that they're unable to access the games multiplayer functions. For now, this doesn't appear to be an issue with PlayStation PSN or Microsoft's Xbox Live service. Rather it seems the issue is with Activision's Call of Duty servers. […]

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