100 Thieves Makes NZXT Official PC Partner For Its Swanky New Facility

100 Thieves announced a partnership with NZXT and will fill their new gaming headquarters with new NZXT PCs.

100 Thieves, the self proclaimed “premium lifestyle brand and gaming organization” created by Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag, has decided to add yet another sponsor to their already exhaustive list, partnering with popular computer company, NZXT. This recent announcement comes by way of a 10 minute YouTube video featuring Nadeshot opening a $10,000 gaming PC from NZXT. NZXT is the latest sponsor of the organization, adding to a list already full of brands as big as Totinos, Chipotle, Cash App, and many more.

Just after the video was released, NZXT put out a press release providing some more information on the partnership. They will be supplying the gaming hardware necessary for 100 Thieves’ Fortnite, CS:GO, League of Legends, and creative teams. The release then goes on to detail some of the many accomplishments from 100 Thieves in its short two-years. Nadeshot stated that he is “so excited to have NZXT as a sponsor for 100 Thieves” and also said that “NZXT is a perfect PC partner.” The computer company also launched a 100 Thieves Player build to add to the hype around the announcement, coming in at $1,988.88 before tax.

NZXT has been actively seeking out partnerships with different high profile streamers in the gaming world after partnering with Ninja and also getting into the headset and pc parts game. They certainly are targeting the gamer/streamer combo with their marketing and have undeniably seen great success in doing so. It is not much of a surprise to see this partnership happen, as 100 Thieves has been the gold standard thus far for esports teams and after unveiling the team’s new gaming headquarters, many can certainly see why they have had such great success.

After making large moves like acquiring the Renegades CS:GO roster, opening their new headquarters, and obtaining large recognizable brands for their sponsors, it’s a safe assumption that the lifestyle and esports brand will continue its success in the industry. If fans want esports to be more widely respected and seen in the world, this is yet another huge step forward in that effort. 100 Thieves continuously reaches new limits and pushes the industry forward, garnering respect and even admiration from the public. My guess is as good as anyone’s as to what we’ll see from the team next.

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