A position five Enigma leaves Nigma once again with no answer versus OG

Week four in the Upper Division of the Europe Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) League opened with the much anticipated TI9 grand final OG versus Team Nigma rematch, but unfortunately for the latter, the result wasn’t different from what the fans remember from 2019.

Nigma started the series with a compelling victory, as they had the last pick of the draft, and were able to counter OG’s Ursa lin-eup with a core Venomancer and plenty of stuns coming from the other four heroes to stop any teamfight attempt from the double TI champions. But, despite opening the series with a fast paced game and finding success with Amer “Miracle-” Al-Barkawi playing more actively by getting involved in the fights early, Nigma reverted in the next two games to their comfort four protect one strategy.

The second draft first bans and openings were identical to game one. The twist came from OG, who changed their support duo from Puck-Keeper of the Light to Clockwerk-Enigma and somehow tricked Nigma to go for a Miracle- Anti Mage. OG had already all the answers to it and pushed the issue from extremely early stages, even rotating their carry Juggernaut mid lane before hitting level six. The Enigma pick proved to be a support five for Johan “N0tail” Sundstein, who had one mission: ensure the kill on the Anti Mage with the Black Hole. Given the fact that Nigma lost all three lanes, Miracle- was forced to the jungle where OG kept hunting him down, thus giving Nigma no option at making a comeback.

Unfortunately for Nigma, the series went from bad to worse as OG kept the Enigma position five for the final match and paired it with Earth Spirit with the same goal, play aggressive, pressure from early stages and snowball towards victory. Nigma were once again bullied in the laning stage, lost the map control early, and looked like the pressure got the best of them as they did a couple of misplays and were severely punished by OG. 

The series result pushed Nigma to sixth place on the leaderboard, while OG are now sitting on the second spot. Week four will bring one more match-up for OG, who will be playing versus Vikin.gg this coming Saturday, February 13. In the meantime, Team Nigma will have a full week to prepare for their last matches in the first season of DPC Regional Leagues.

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