Age of Empires II: King of the Desert 3 will feature a prizepool of $50,000

The Age of Empires II competitive scene is picking up steam and the next upcoming tournament is a testament to that fact. King of the Desert 3, which will be played in September 2020, will be a 1 v 1 tournament with a prize pool of 50,000 USD! That is definitely one of the largest prize pools AoE II has seen till date. The event will be hosted by MembTV and will be sponsored by Pinztec and Microsoft.

King of the Desert is a 1 v 1 tournament taking place on Arabia. Two previous iterations of the tournament have already been played, but none of them have been on Definitive Edition. KotD 2 saw TheViper being crowned the king, but it is now time for a new king.

KotD 3 will feature a total of 64 players. How many players will be directly invited and how many slots will be open for players coming through qualifiers is unclear as of now. The distribution of the prize pool is also something that hasn’t been revealed.

The last major tournament which took place in the AoE II scene-Battle of Africa 2-was also hosted by MembTV. It was a 3 v 3 tournament with a prize pool of over $20,000. Team AfterMath won the tournament by defeating Team Secret 5-4 in the grand final, which was an amazing series full of ebb and flow. The prize pool for that tournament was also quite significant, but KotD 3 is a major ramp up in comparison.

The touranament will be played over six weeks, starting on the 14th of Septemer and going all the way up to 25th of October. As more details of the tournament are revelead, VPEsports will have the updated news about King of the Desert 3.

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