Apex Legends confirms Horizon to be Season 7 poster character

Although there are still a few weeks to go before Season 7 of Apex Legends launches, we already have confirmation on the battle royale’s new addition. Earlier today, Respawn Entertainment posted a new video teasing the Champions Edition of the game. While that feature is exciting in and of itself, the video contained a little teaser about Season 7. Keen-eyed players noticed in the background the possible new legend for the upcoming season. Furthermore, there are some new challenges in Apex Legends that seem to confirm Season 7’s poster legend, Horizon.

Horizon is the newest Apex Legend

After the video for the Champions Edition went live, players noticed that there was a queue to join the Firing Range. This was strange seeing as the range doesn’t feature any online capabilities. However, once users got inside, it was apparent why this was the case.

In the middle of the range, there’s now a TV screen that, when activated, will offer you challenges to complete. These will appear back in the lobby menu and they basically hint at Horizon’s arrival. The only catch is that you’re only supposed to be able to complete a set amount of challenges for this week. Of course, this didn’t go as planned, and some fans were able to see what happened after the last challenge was completed.

On the video screen in the Firing Range, some users are able to see the official teaser for Horizon. This teaser wasn’t supposed to go live until a couple of weeks from now, but due to a bug, players got early access.

However, even if you’re one of the unlucky few who can’t see the video, you can still view some of Horizon’s abilities in Apex Legends. Some of the challenges allow you to experiment with her abilities, like her Repulsor Tactical Ability.

We’re likely going to see more teasers about Horizon in the coming weeks. However, she’s already confirmed to arrive when Season 7 releases around November 10.

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