Aphelios is taking yet another blow with more nerfs in League’s Patch 10.2

Aphelios is set to receive nerfs in League of Legends’ latest patch, despite having a 48-percent win ratio in platinum and above.

The five weapon-wielding AD carry, who was released just last month, is one of the most polarizing champions in the game. He’s known for his ridiculous burst damage, and his seemingly easy outplay potential and has quickly come under scrutiny from the community. 

In Patch 10.1, Aphelios received minor nerfs to his base movement speed and health, and a 25-percent decrease in damage done to secondary targets with his Moonlight Vigil (R) ultimate.

Mark Yetter on Twitter

10.2 Patch Preview with a few additions. We have some work in flight for akali in 10.3 as well, but she’s not in this list.

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