Blizzard reveals two new Overwatch 2 maps, redesign tank and support role

Blizzard revealed two new maps for Overwatch 2, Rome and New York City, along with revealing changes for the tank and support roles. The sequel remasters all maps from Overwatch. And lastly, the assault game mode will not be in Overwatch 2.

New maps for Overwatch 2

These two new maps are the first Overwatch 2 exclusive maps to be announced since Toronto’s reveal in 2019. Rome has all the hallmarks of the real city, with futuristic changes added onto it. This aesthetic also lends itself to New York City, having the same feel as the real life counterpart but with Overwatch’s staple re-imagining.

Screenshot from Blizzard Entertainment

Along with these two map announcements, minor visual changes were announced for all maps, including day and night versions. Old maps are now remastered, with maps having new areas added on.

Tank and support changes

These tweaks to the tank and support roles include small changes from all supports passively healing, to larger ones. Notably, all tanks have been redesigned in Overwatch 2. One of the key things the development team didn’t like was how tanks were becoming more stationary. So, they’ve changed those heroes fundamentally to become more close range and brawl-focused. The best example shown of this at BlizzCon was Reinhardt. He now will have two fire strike uses instead of just one, as well as an option to cancel his charge ability. That ability will also have more turning control, which should make navigating corners easier.

Screenshot from Blizzard Entertainment

The only clear support change that was shown was that all healers would passively heal over time. Mercy was the only hero to have this ability in the original game. Either way, small changes like this do affect the competitive scene greatly, as we know from the patches Blizzard has done in the past.

What we’ve seen of Overwatch 2 so far promises all sorts of changes. The team removed the assault game mode from Overwatch 2 due to player feeback. Clearly, the team is looking to keep the competitive side of the game just as great, but also finally add the co-op and offline content that Overwatch aspired to; though it likely won’t happen in 2021. The start of BlizzCon did mention the Overwatch League’s start in the upcoming spring, so fans of the competitive scene will have something to look forward to soon.


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