Call of Duty League Honors Passing of Community Legend Jared “Jcap” Caplin

“His name says it all… he was awesome.”

Sometimes life moves so fast that we don’t recognize or realize the amount of wonderful people we have around us until they are gone.

Today, the Call of Duty League honored the late Jared Caplin and rightfully so, fans of his video game commentary as well as current league players are remembering his penchant for being, quite literally, the kindest guy in esports.

The following comes directly from his Youtube channel bio, which aptly showcases his gentle heart as well as his obsessive determination for quality Call of Duty vlogging:

“My name is JCap and I Created this channel jcapisawesome. I’m a gamer, I play many video games but my primary game is Call of Duty! Subscribe to keep up with my life! I also VLOG on the trips I go on, if its a MLG event I’m VLOGing, if its a vacation I’m VLOGing! My end goal is to motivate and inspire my viewers and just have fun with life!”

A final video, uploaded by JCap’s family, was put up less than a day ago. Be sure to check it out. A little internet kindness goes a long way.

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