Call of Duty League Reveals Challengers Elite, Scouting Series Programs

The Call of Duty League has announced two new programs to help discover and boost up-and-coming talent. The new Scouting Series will give amateur pros and unsigned talent the chance to show off their skill with the help of Call of Duty League franchises. Challengers Elite will see some of the best amateur teams in North America and Europe compete in regional tournaments throughout 2021.

Described as the “official path to pro circuit” for Call of Duty competitors, Call of Duty Challengers is the tier of competition right below the Call of Duty League. Some of the Challenger league’s best talents have found their way into CDL teams, competing alongside some of the best talents in the Call of Duty world. Some CDL franchises have had corresponding Challengers teams, including the London Royal Ravens and the Atlanta Faze.

In an effort to discover some of the game’s best rising talent, Call of Duty Challengers is launching the Scouting Series. The new program will see some of Challengers’ best competitors and the top teamless players come together to compete in matches hosted by Call of Duty League franchises.

The Scouting Series will go on for four days in December, with CDL coaches drafting four-man teams made up of the game’s best up-and-coming talent. The event aims to give those unsigned players a chance to showcase their skill, while also giving CDL teams a look at some rising talent. Teams will compete in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, which is set to release in November.

Challengers Elite will serve as a “new tier of amateur competition” in Europe and North America. Challengers teams from both regions will compete in qualifiers, with eight squads from each region earning a spot in Challengers Elite. The teams will then participate in dedicated tournaments throughout 2021, with an unspecified prize pool on offer.

Separate from Challengers Elite will be Challengers Cups, standalone tournaments that offer a similar platform for amateur competitors. Players will also be able to earn Challengers Points through new competitive ladders. More information on both initiatives will be released in the future.

The Call of Duty Challengers Scouting Series will take place in December of 2020, while Challengers Elite will go on in 2021.

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