Call of Duty: Modern Warfare adds Valentine's Day-themed playlists for the weekend

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has gotten in on the fun of Valentine’s Day with some cheeky playlist names to celebrate all of those who are in love or completely alone.

Nearly every playlist has gotten a special name, and some of them are pretty funny. The playlists aren’t altogether different when it comes to gameplay, but the names reflect them in a fun way.

The main playlists include “Ready to Mingle,” “Friends With Benefits,” “Double Date,” and “Third Wheel.” But the fun doesn’t end there, as even the Quick Play game modes got in on the action.

The suggestive names in the Quick Play list include “Hot Singles in your Area,” “Punish Me,” “Looking For the One,” “Love Hotel,” “Heartpoint,” “Got the Digits,” and our favorite, “Wanna Cyber?”

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