Casas Bahia Hires Nobru as Creative Head of Gaming, Brazil’s Biggest Retail Stores Start Competition in Esports – The Esports Observer

Brazilian esports superstar Bruno “Nobru” Goes has been named the new creative head of gaming at retail store Casas Bahia. This is a major move by the company, which is traditionally focused on household goods, into the gaming industry, which has been attracting attention from non-endemic businesses due to its economic potential. 

Hiring Goes, one of the main names in the Brazilian esports environment and the owner and also a player of the Free Fire team Fluxo, is a move made by Casas Bahia a few days after its main competitor in the country, Magalu, strengthened its presence in esports by partnering with Miners for a team competing in the Brazilian League of Legends Championship (CBLOL) through its brand Netshoes.

Both Magalu and Casas Bahia are giants of the Brazilian retail market and long-time direct competitors. Magalu has recently made another major move towards the gaming audience in acquiring entertainment group Jovem Nerd, one of the main pop culture and gaming channels on the Brazilian internet, making the Jovem Nerd creators Alexandre Ottoni and Deive “Azaghal” Pazos company partners.

The 20-year-old Nobru will take part in the strategic decisions made by Casas Bahia to communicate with the gaming audience. Casas Bahia also considers that, as the game is popular and accessible, connecting with the Free Fire audience makes sense with its brand positioning.

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