Chick-fil-A, Mainline, Burleson Independent School District to Host High School Esports Event

Dallas/Fort Worth continues to be a major area of esports development as it was announced today that the Burleson Independent School District Mainline will host the Chick-fil-A DFW High School Esports Tournament. The school district, along with Chick-fil-A, and Mainline, an esports tournament software and management company, have come together to give DFW-area high school students the opportunity to take home one of four top prizes, totaling up to $5K USD.

The tournament will take place over two weekends, April 16 – 17 and April 23 – 24, where teams of three will take to the pitch in, playing Rocket League, for the aforementioned prizes.

As esports continues to grow in Texas and the Dallas/Fort Worth area, Mainline and Chick-fil- worked with Dr. Leslie Bender Jutzi, Burleson Independent School District’s chief innovation officer and head of their esports team, to make the event possible.

Additional details, including schedule, streaming, and prizes, can be found at  

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