Clayster: "I'm ending up where I want to be" for the 2021 CDL season

The three-time world champ is confident he’ll find a new home soon.

Clayster has hinted that he knows which Call of Duty League team he’ll be signing with “in the next two weeks,” according to a new interview.

The three-time world champion opened up to ESPN Esports in an extensive live interview today and revealed that some of the teams he was interested in going to simply couldn’t afford to pay his buyout and contract together.

Clayster said he gave the Empire a list of teams that he’d like to play for and that it couldn’t work out with his top choice, but he’s still happy with where he’ll end up.

“There was a couple options I wanted to go to that couldn’t afford me,” Clayster said. “And it wasn’t just the buyout they couldn’t afford, it was also the salary, so maybe the numbers could’ve got pushed around to just afford my salary and I could’ve went to a destination that I really wanted to go to.”

After winning his third world championship with the Dallas Empire at the end of August, Clayster found out he was being released due to the CDL moving to a four-vs-four format for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. He’s been talking to many pros and teams since then.

“There’s a couple [teams] that I gave them, where I kind of gave them some options, and I’m like, ‘send me to one of these three places,’ and there’s still a couple on the table,” he said. “I think I’m ending up where I want to be, in the grand scheme of things, maybe not the number one choice, but in hindsight, I’m pretty confident about where I’m going to end up and pretty confident with the team I’m going to have.”

He said he’s had no shortage of suitors and that he’ll “definitely” be competing in the CDL again next year, which should come as great news to any of his fans—and potentially bad news to his opponents.

“I just want a really good team that could compete for a title next year, and that’s been my main focus, get on the best possible team I can get on, and I think I may have achieved that,” Clayster said. “Hopefully y’all will see here in a couple of days.”

Clayster later went on to say that he’s hoping a deal with a new team will be finalized in the next two weeks.

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