Cloud9 Signs Chess Grandmaster Andrew ‘penguingm1’ Tang

Esports organization Cloud9 is the latest to sign a chess pro to its roster. Cloud9 announced that it has signed Andrew “penguingm1” Tang to compete in competitive online chess competitions. The 18-year-old Tang has achieved the rank of grandmaster, which is recognized by the International Chess Federation, is a three-time national champion, and has won “hundreds of games” against current World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen. He is also a top-ranked hyperbullet and ultrabullet chess player, beating some of the best chess AI in the world.

Cloud9 joins TSM, who signed Chess Grandmaster and professional Twitch streamer Hikaru Nakamura in August.

Chess as a competitive esport surged in popularity on Twitch earlier this year when held its first streamer tournament called Pogchamps featuring novice chess players and popular streamers. The success of the first event led to PogChamps 2, which featured popular streamers, television stars, and others vying for a piece of a $50K USD prize pool.

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