Could a Modern Warfare Season Two DLC weapon enter the CDL meta?

Thus far in the Call of Duty League (CDL), we’ve seen around five different weapons used by players. However, there are two guns that dominate the current meta: the M4A1 assault rifle and the MP5 submachine gun. At one point, these two weapons were unquestionably the strongest in the game. Recently, a couple of challengers have emerged that threaten the current meta. With Modern Warfare Season One and Two, we’ve seen two DLC assault rifles, the Grau. 5.56 and RAM-7. At this moment, it looks like both of these weapons could make appearances in future CDL events.

CDL could see a shake-up in Atlanta

From Feb. 22-23, eight different CDL teams will compete in Atlanta for another homestand event. This will be just like the CDL London event, but we could be seeing a few different weapons enter the arena.

For the past few days, professional players have been trying out the aforementioned Grau 5.56 and RAM-7 in online scrimmages. Both rifles are DLC guns, meaning they aren’t unlocked simply by leveling up in Modern Warfare. Instead, they’re unlocked through the seasonal Battle Pass, though they’re not too difficult to earn.

Because each weapon doesn’t have to be paid for, pro players are allowed to use them in the CDL. Below, you can see Pierce “Gunless” Hillman use the Grau. 5.56 in a Chicago Huntsmen scrimmage.


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    If you’ve used the Grau in-game, then you know how strong it is. The same goes for the RAM-7, which has been compared to the Vector from Call of Duty: Ghosts. It’s unclear if any professional player will differ from the classic M4A1 or MP5 set up this weekend in Atlanta. However, the possibility is certainly on the table.

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