Crimsix on Chicago Huntsmen: “I think they’re not as good as Atlanta, but they’re probably the second best team”

Dallas Empire star player Ian “Crimsix” Porter is itching to play against former teammates Seth “Scump” Abner and Matthew “FORMAL” Piper on the Chicago Huntsmen later today after defeating the Seattle Surge in the Dallas Empire’s first match at the London Royal Ravens Call of Duty League homestand. 

The winningest player in Call of Duty history is not underestimating his opponents, however. He said that the Chicago Huntsmen are the second best team in the game, behind Atlanta FaZe. 

Crimsix spoke with Dot Esports regarding the team’s recent failure at Minnesota and their improvements made at this tournament. The Dallas Empire dispatched the Seattle Surge earlier today, beating them convincingly 3-0. Although each map was close, Crimsix said that he thrives in these types of situations, and in some cases, he prefers to play close maps to ensure that his team doesn’t expect the unexpected. 

I want to begin with your performance at Minnesota. It could be argued that you and your team didn’t perform to the standards that were set online, to what extent do you agree with this? 

Crimsix: Minnesota to us, we knew it wasn’t a tournament, it was sort of a day of ‘booth’ matches. We were going to just basically put on a show. And at the end of the day there are some seeding points involved but these tournaments are way more important. At Minnesota we felt like, it was weird, obviously with the patch, it was the first time we played together, it was the first time that two players had played on LAN in this game. So honestly I would have loved to win them, but I wasn’t really disappointed. I wasn’t demoralized after losing like that. 

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