Destiny Weaver in Theros: Beyond Death pushes Green beyond reason

The Magic: The Gathering design team may have created the first banned Standard card of the year with Destiny Weaver—and the community isn’t happy about it. 

To say that Green cards in Magic have been pushed recently in recent sets is an understatement. Three of the last four cards banned in Standard have had Green in them: Oko, Thief of Crowns, Veil of Summer, and Once Upon a Time. And it seems like the new Theros: Beyond Death (THB) spoiler, Destiny Weaver, may follow a similar path. 

Destiny Weaver wasn’t previewed in English but a rough translation of the text exists. 

  • Name: Destiny Weaver
  • Type: Enchantment creature—Human
  • CMC: 1G
  • Creature and enchantment spells you control can’t be countered.
  • 3G: Target land you control becomes an X/X elemental until the end of the turn with haste and trample, where X is the number of enchantments you control. It’s still a land.
  • Power and defense: 2/3 

Destiny Weaver has shocked the Magic community due to it costing only two mana, being an Uncommon, having a defense of three, triggering Constellation, and having an upside mana ability. It’s similar to Gaea’s Herald, Tenth Edition, a Rare that protected creatures from counterspells and was a 1/1. But Destiny Weaver is much better and its reveal has left many in the Magic community frustrated over the preferential treatment Green seems to get. 

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