Dota 2: What heros to pick against Void Spirit in 7.24?

We take a look at some of the strongest heroes against Void Spirit in 7.24.

Ever since this hero was introduced to Dota 2, he’s been a huge hit. Similar to the other “Spirits”, he is very swift and deals tons of damage, especially during the mid-game.

It’s no surprise that much like any other new hero, he quickly became one of the most picked Dota 2 heroes, especially in pub games. However, this trend also continued in pro games as well, after he was added into CM mode in patch 7.24.

If we take a look at the Los Angeles Major qualifiers, Void Spirit was picked 88 times and has a win rating of 52%. This is a clear sign that the hero is pretty good right now, despite suffering some nerfs in the small updates after the Outlanders.

So, it’s looking like VS will be in most of our pub games until he gets nerfed to the ground. That’s why it is important to know which heroes we need to pick in order to be able to deal with this swift and deadly core.

Without further ado, here are the top five heroes who can make VS’s life pretty hard.


Although he is not really a direct counter pick, Meepo is one of the best heroes against VS. This might be strange for some readers, especially when Void Spirit is known for doing a lot of AoE damage. While that’s certainly true, once Meepo gets a couple of items, he is capable of killing everyone, including VS, in just a matter of seconds.

To make matters worse, when Meepo uses his Earthbind, Void Spirits’s movement advantage disappears. This is more than enough to secure an important kill, especially if there are other heroes near Meepo as well.

Nevertheless, this is not really a hero that you can spam in your pub games unless you know what you’re doing. After all, Meepo is one of the most complex heroes in Dota 2 and requires a lot of practice.


This is one of those heroes that you just prefer not to come up against. Although he can often be slow early on, Bloodseeker is one of the best snowballing heroes in the game.

His power against Void Spirit comes from his two active spells Blood Rite and Rapture. The first one silences all enemies in a big AoE, which can work wonders against VS because he won’t be able to use his spells. Unfortunately, landing this skill is easier said than done, especially against swift heroes such as this.

That’s where Rapture kicks in. This is often considered as one of the most annoying ultimates in the game. When used against Void Spirit, he will be unable to use his own ultimate because it will deal tons of damage. In most cases, he will have to just stay still and wait for the duration of the spell, giving you a window where you can act.

Ember Spirit

Even though we thought Void Spirit would have the upper hand in this encounter, it turns out this isn’t the case. While it’s true that VS has a better early game than his fellow spirit, once Ember hits level 6, everything changes.

Using his Remnants, ES can quickly follow or escape from VS, which makes the hero less effective against him. What’s more, his Flame Guard and Searing Chains can be very difficult to play against, because they can disrupt VS’s mobility and damage flow, which is a very important part of his overall map presence.


Even though this is obvious, Doom is another hero that shines against Void Spirit. Truth be told, this hero is good against literally everything, thanks to his broken ultimate.

If he manages to land it on Void Spirit, the hero becomes absolutely useless for the next sixteen seconds. Nevertheless, hitting VS with your ult is no easy task, especially if he is good.

The bottom line with Doom is that you need to patiently wait until the right moment comes. When that happens, simply jump in and try landing that ult. If you succeed, Void Spirit will most likely die.


Last, but most definitely not least, we have another hot meta hero right now – Slardar. Despite the fact that he is mostly played as a support, this hero still packs a heavy right-click punch.

Thanks to his ultimate and passive skill, Slardar is capable of doing a lot of physical damage. This makes him very effective against the likes of Void Spirit because he can quickly remove his Resonant Pulse. As you know, that’s one of the main defensive abilities that VS has, so removing it nearly instantly is always good.

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