EStars deduct Wei' salary to punish his mistake against Bilibili Gaming

Last Monday 15th a new day of LPL started with the match between eStars and Bilibili Gaming. Both teams currently share the 12th position in the classification, with one victory and two defeats each, but these numbers could have been completely different if it wasn’t for a little but very important mistake.

In the first game of their series, eStars jungler Wei forgot to take Smite and started playing with Ignite instead.

Everybody was very surprised, and no one really knew if it was a mistake or a new revolutionary strategy born in the best league in the world.

EStars played pretty well on that first game, but the lack of Smite made Wei’s team unable to achieve objectives and drove them to the first defeat of the day.

The series ended with Bilibili Gaming winning 2-1, and Wei did not forget to change his spells in any other game, so obviously we were talking about a big mistake.

Today, eStars explained what actually happened and announced a penalty for their jungler (translation below):


Announcement on penalties for player error in game 1 between ES and BLG of LPL Summer Split on June 15th 

During the equipment adjustment before the game 1 between ES and BLG of LPL Summer Split on June 15th, Wei, jungler at Estar changed his summoner spell (from Smite to Ignite) when he was playing SOLO games with a teammate, and he didn’t manage to change it back after the adjustment and the Ban & Pick phase ended. While loading the game, Wei himself and teammates found out the error and immediately reported it to the admins. After the discussion, the admins decided that the game should be continued.
In view of the situation, the club’s management have had an in-depth discussion and made a rigorous decision, to have Wei’s salary deducted for this month and to have the team criticized to prevent such errors from happening again. The current patch does not allow players to view other players’ summoner spell before entering the game, while the coaching team didn’t discover or solve this problem. The club will have the coaching team and the training management team criticized as well to make sure they have a profound reflection on this error.
After the game, Wei had an in-depth reflection on this error and apologized repeatedly to the coaching team and his teammates. The team will draw a lesson from his error to avoid such errors in the future and get fully prepared for later matches.

This is, for now, the end of the Smite story. Wei will probably never forget to double-check his summoner spells before each game.

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