Faker encounters pesky bugsplat while streaming League of Legends

It seems like nobody is immune to the frustrating bugsplats that plague the League of Legends’ client—not even Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok.

The T1 mid laner encountered the bugsplat of all bugsplats during his Twitch broadcast today, which forced him to shut down the League client.

Faker OmegaBugsplat

Clip of Faker Playing League of Legends – Clipped by agressivetater

In typical bugsplat fashion, the error popped up out of nowhere claiming that a “problem” caused the “program to close” despite the game still running in the background. Usually, players can get away with simply clicking “Don’t Send” and moving on to the Summoner’s Rift action. But Faker had a bit more difficulty with that endeavor.

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