Fans appeal to Blizzard for charity skins in support of Australia’s fire

The horrifying bushfires that are currently ravishing large parts of Australia have brought out the best in people – various celebs have donated huge sums of money, countless people are doing their best to raise money, not to mention the brave men and women that are working tirelessly to contain the fires and save the local wildlife.

Overwatch Fire Appeal Blizzard Charity Skins Australia Fire

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It’s in honour of that last group that fans across the world have started appealing to Blizzard to hold a charity event as well – previously, Blizzard has created in-game skins benefitting certain causes, such as Mercy’s pink Breast Cancer Awareness skin. The money from sales of that skin went towards a charity, and this would be the perfect opportunity for another such event.

The Pink Mercy skin for example was a huge success and managed to raise millions for the sake of breast cancer research.

Firefighter Skins

Including a firefighter skin (or multiple ones) would be the perfect opportunity to raise awareness and significant funds for the Australian firefighters – it would also honour the many people that risk their lives for the sake of others.

There are several characters that would be perfect – both Junkrat and Roadhog, for example, are canonically from Australia. In other words, they would be the perfect choice for a firefighter skin. Of course, it ultimately doesn’t matter who ends up with a skin – given the $12+ million dollars that the Mercy event netted, this could really make a difference.

The Future

Whether Blizzard is actually going to create skins for this cause is unknown – we know a little more about another one of their projects though – Overwatch 2. The sequel to the original was announced some time ago, without a specific release date, or even a window. Now it seems that purely by accident, an official PlayStation account may have let us know more.

The official Brazil PlayStation account tweeted – and promptly deleted – that the new game would release this year. This could be a mistake, based on misinformation from the person who runs the account, or a premature reveal of the actual release window.

Playstation Brasil Tweet Overwatch 2

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Blizzard has confirmed that the game will be available on PC, Switch, Xbox One and PS4 – that does suggest a relatively near release window. Summer or Fall 2020 is certainly a reasonable expectation – that is, if the tweet was, in fact, correct.

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