Five teams set for FLASHPOINT Global Qualifier, SKADE vs. Spirit to determine sixth

The first five teams are set for the FLASHPOINT Global LAN Qualifier which is scheduled to take place in Los Angeles from March 3rd to 5th at the FACEIT studios. This comes following the completion of the Americas closed qualifiers. A match between SKADE and Spirit will determine the second European slot later today.

The Polish side of AVEZ surprised the European qualifier by taking down HellRaisers, HAVU, Winstrike, Salamander, and eventually SKADE in the upper bracket final. Taking down SKADE 2-1 in that series secured the lineups place in the Global Qualifier and put SKADE in their match against Spirit.

Taking down DETONA, Neverest, RED Canids, and Redemption POA sent Isurus into the Global Qualifier from the South America event. Redemption POA was able to take down Rysix, and W7M which sent them into the consolidation final where they bested DETONA to gain the second spot.

It was Chaos to come out victorious in the North America qualifier thanks to wins over eUnited, Orgless, Swole Identity, and Yeah. Orgless managed to bounce back, however, and best eUnited in the final match 2-1 to secure their spot.

As mentioned before, the sixth spot will go to the winner of SKADE vs. Spirit which is set to kick off in roughly 30 minutes at the time of the publishing of this article.

FLASHPOINT Global Qualifier team list:

  • AVEZ
  • Chaos
  • Orgless
  • Isurus
  • Redemption POA

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