Flamengo Esports Parent Secures Redragon Sponsorship Deal

Simplicity Esports has signed a 30-month partnership with gaming peripheral company Redragon for its Brazillian League of Legends team, Flamengo Esports. The sponsorship deal includes more than $170K USD in cash and more than $10K in gaming equipment to be provided to the organization. 

Simplicity Esports CEO Jed Kaplan said in the announcement that the esports organization would display the Redragon logo on the sleeve of its team jersey and display its logo on social media as part of the sponsorship deal.

Earlier this year, Simplicity Esports secured a franchise spot in the Brazilian Championship of League of Legends (CBLoL) for Flamengo Esports.

Redragon is a global manufacturer and distributor of headsets, mice, keyboards, and other gaming accessories. In September, Simplicity agreed to sell a 7.5% stake in its Brazilian subsidiary Simplicity One Brasil, owner of the Brazilian team’s rights, to Redragon. 

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