FlyToMoon take down OG.Seed to become Maincast Winter Brawl champions

The first tournament of 2020 is done and dusted. Maincast
Winter Brawl crowned its champions last night after a best-of-three final
played on a faced paced tempo by FlyToMoon who outmaneuvered OG.Seed’s
Alchemist-Chen combo in game one and Naga-Disruptor duo in game two.

Both teams reached the playoffs stage by placing second in their respective groups. OG.Seed had smooth sailing through the playoffs single elimination bracket, taking down HellRaisers and Team Singularity 2-0 to secure themselves a place in the finals. FTM cut through and were given a run for their money by Nemiga Gaming in the semifinals, but despite being formed only at the end of November, FlyToMoon managed to overpower their opponents to take home the $15,000 prize for the first place.

In the first game of the finals OG.Seed chose to pick Alchemist in the first phase of the draft, which allowed FTM to counter their game plan with heroes that emphasize a fast tempo and forced an under 30 minute call. OG’s secondary team didn’t make the same mistake twice and saved their last pick for a carry Naga Siren, however, they were taken by surprise by FTM’s decision to send their Tidehunter in the midlane. Bogdan “Iceberg” Vasilenko went with an unconventional item build for the hero and rushed Desolataor. By the thirty minute mark he was six slotted with BkB and Deaduls also in his inventory which allowed him to be an important part of his team clean 2-0 victory over OG.Seed.

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