Former MAMMOTH Team Director Joins AZYT Global Talent

AZYT, a Los Angeles-based esports and gaming talent agency, has hired Ahilleas “Louis” Papantos as agent & director of esports EU. He will immediately begin representing League of Legends talent including Kim “WADID” Bae-in, Rogue Warriors player Kim “Crazy” Jae-hee, and Kim “Ruin” Hyeong-min, currently signed to Counter Logic Gaming.

Active in the Oceania esports region, Ahilleas was a former co-owner of Sin Gaming, and team director of MAMMOTH—which qualified for the League of Legends World Championships 2019 play-in stage. He also has a background in the music representation space, and was a previous shareowner of Outpost Management.

Papantos told The Esports Observer that after MAMMOTH’s investment from Emprox owner Shivneel Chaudhary, the 2020 vision for the team organization differed to what he envisioned, and he exited. “Subsequently, I made the tough decision to also exit my share ownership in my company [ROAM Esports/Outpost] to seek international ventures as I was ready for new horizons.”

In his new role, Papantos will be focusing on opportunities for AZYT’s new players, and for players in the major Western leagues and play-in regions. “With the impending franchising of the LCK and recent news of YamatoCannon and SandBox Gaming, I hope to see further imports of Western talent into the region.” 

AZYT is part of the esports portfolio of ATU Partners. The Korean private equity firm raised an initial capital of $17M USD in 2019 from partners including Kakao Games and The E&M, and fully acquired LCK team organization DragonX.

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