Game-breaking Call of Duty: Modern Warfare bug crashes lobbies when using AK-47, grenade launcher, and Fully Loaded perk

Despite Call of Duty: Modern Warfare appeasing the community’s demand for nostalgic gameplay, bugs and balancing issues have certainly put a damper on an otherwise good first-person shooter. But this latest bug may be the oddest one yet.

One Modern Warfare player posted the bug on Reddit today, which appears to crash lobbies immediately whenever it’s replicated. The player discovered that equipping the AK-47 with any NVG or thermal sight, an HR grenade launcher, and the Fully Loaded perk could cause fatal errors to the first-person shooter. All players have to do is go prone in-game, switch their gun to the grenade launcher, aim, and shoot.

Justin Binkowski on Twitter

I’ve tested the major, game-breaking #ModernWarfare bug first mentioned on Reddit. If you go into a game with an AK-47 equipped with *at least* a grenade launcher and the Fully Loaded weapon perk, the game will crash if you go prone, equip the launcher, aim, and shoot.

Dot Esports tested out the bug on PlayStation 4 and found that using an Integral Hybrid optic and GP25 40mm High-explosive underbarrel also simulated the game crash. The optic, or lack of one, doesn’t appear to be a crash factor. But any grenade launcher underbarrel paired with the Fully Loaded perk, which gives a gun maximum starting ammo, seems to cause the error.

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