Hearthstone Patch 16.2.3 is live, introduces a variety of bug fixes

The Hearthstone team is constantly hard at work making improvements to the game. But some of these improvements are so subtle that you may not even notice them.

The Hearthstone team recently outlined some changes coming in a new bug fix patch on Reddit.

One of the primary issues fixed by Patch 16.2.3 has to do with cards like Soul Juggler in Hearthstone Battlegrounds. During certain instances where cards like Soul Juggler deal damage, the client would de-sync and cause certain information to not show on your end. This issue is now fixed, though.

Patch 16.2.3 also fixed a major issue on mobile devices revolving around Hero art. Art for Heroes and Hero Powers will now properly populate on mobile when the optional data download is paused. This makes for a more visually-pleasing experience for players who like to duel from their phones.

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