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ADDITIONAL UPDATE: Some Ubisoft Montreal team members have reported getting out safely.

UPDATE: TVA Nouvelles has reported “dozens of people are seen on the roof of Ubisoft’s building, barricading the outside door.”

The news station also commented that despite the situation going on around them, everyone on the roof appears to be quite calm. Unfortunately, however, there is also a daycare in the Ubisoft Montreal building. It is reportedly also barricaded and within the security perimeter the police have set up.

ORIGINAL STORY: According to a recent report from the Journal de Montreal, “dozens of people” are being held hostage at Ubisoft Montreal’s office building. TVA Nouvelles news station has additionally reported that there has been a ransom demand as well.

Super rough translation: “A group of suspects are holding dozens of people hostage this Friday afternoon in Montreal, in a building that houses the offices of Ubisoft on Saint-Laurent Boulevard.”

A witness told TVA Nouvelles, “They were heading towards the Ubisoft tower.” We’re assuming the “they” means the hostage-holding suspects.

Tweets are also coming in from friends of those at Ubisoft Montreal, who are reporting what they are hearing from friends. Yes, it’s as nuts as it sounds.

The Montreal police have commented on this as well, asking people to avoid the area. The tweet also stated that they are “currently validating information” and will provide details as they come.

At this time, the police are not sharing anything else with the media, and TVA Nouvelles commented that the employees were refusing to speak with them. However, the police did tell Kim Vermette from Radio-Canada that this hostage situation appears to have come from an armed robbery. There are other offices within the Ubisoft Montreal building, so it is possible that this armed robbery was against one of these other businesses.

We will continue to monitor this story as it develops.

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