How and who to watch in RLCSX NA Spring Regional 2 this week

The Rocket League Championship Series Season X (RLCSX) NA Spring Regional 2 goes down this weekend. We are edging ever closer to the conclusion of the world championships, and this weekend might prove vital for the North American teams. Here’s how to watch and who to keep an eye on.

Like the other spring regionals, the event is spread over four days. The first two days are the group stage. This leads into a double-elimination bracket on the third day. Finally, the single-elimination stage is on the final day.

How to watch NA RLCSX Spring Regional 2

Following all the action can be a challenge. This is especially true on the first day, which Psyonix dubbed “day 0.” The first three matches of each of the four groups are not broadcast on the main stream. Organizations are called upon to broadcast their own RLCSX matches. The best way to catch these matches is to follow a single team and to keep an eye on Reddit, Twitter or Liquipedia. Alternatively, setting up a multistream with all broadcasts is an option, though you will have to keep track of up to eight matches happening at once. Usually, the organizations’ Twitch channels host the matches.

On day one, the main broadcasts show the deciding RLCSX matches. Both the official Rocket League Twitch channel and Ultimate Gaming Championship will host matches and will squad stream for your convenience. Whomever is to play on stream depends on how high-profile the matchups are. It’s not just about who gets eliminated; it’s also about who secures top two in their group. Top two will enter the double-elimination bracket in the upper bracket. Third and fourth place will not have that safety net in the lower bracket.

Day two continues on both channels with a squad stream. Day three is to be exclusively hosted on the main Rocket League Twitch channel.

Who to watch?

The North American RLCSX is still wide open. Over in Europe, two teams are qualified for the world championships. Meanwhile, in Oceania and South America already have one team each. In NA, 18 teams still fight for a top six spot and none have secured it. Some are close while others have an immense journey ahead of them.

Most eyes will be on G2 Esports, who will not only fight to keep a spot in the top six but also play with their new player Andres “Dreaz” Jordan after Dillon “Rizzo” Rizzo’s retirement. G2 has already played with their substitute-turned-starter in The Grid tournament. There, they are sitting in second place with an impressive 10-2 record.

Rogue has also been gaining momentum and is currently being called the best team in North America by many in the community. After replacing Rocket League icon Cameron “Kronovi” Bills with Alexandre “Taroco” Reis Pedrogam, the team has impressively jumped up the RLCSX leaderboard. They claimed back-to-back victories in the last two regional events and are looking spectacular.

With the NA RLCSX so close, it’s hard to point out a single team to watch. The leaderboard is really the thing to watch throughout the weekend. Every point matters and every match can make the difference.

The teams that can clinch a spot for the world championships are NRG (by reaching top 16), Team Envy (by reaching the semi-final) and Rogue (by reaching the grand final).

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