How Nigma survived elimination from the Bukovel Minor

Nigma played outstandingly in the laning stage of game 3 but Fighting Pandas started making an epic comeback. If Fighting PandaS didn’t commit a big mistake, the game would have been different. Check the article to see the game analysis and Nigma’s narrow escape.

Fighting PandaS’ strongest attributes were healing and durability whereas Nigma’s were split pushing, mobility and counter picks. The draft was almost equal while giving a slight edge to Fighting PandaS.

External stats show that both teams had a good practice on the heroes they had picked whereas FP had the draft advantage. Nigma’s world ranking and current skill were still better than Fighting PandaS which means that their execution was stronger.

Final win chance after calculating draft advantage and overall comparison was equal.

The Early Game

Nigma crushed FP in the early game and secured a good map control. With the help of Nature’s Prophet Nigma destroyed tier 1 mid tower at the 7th minute and other tier 1 towers in the next few minutes. Whereas they didn’t lose a single tower until the later game. FP’s Drow Ranger and Storm Spirit needed some time to buy necessary items that would help them be more mobile in the team fights.

The Mid Game

Nigma kept on ganking and moving around the map while FP wanted to secure some farm before taking a big fight. It was a smart choice by FP to wait for some time and when they started attacking, Nigma started losing control of the game. The game changing moment occurred in the mid game which is described below.

Mistake by Fighting Pandas that brought the advantage completely in favour of Nigma:

The gank idea by FP turned out to be their biggest mistake in the game. Even if Storm Spirit hadn’t made such a mistake, Nigma were ready for the fight. They had all of their heroes there as they knew FP’s heroes were missing from the map. At this point of the game, Nigma had lost their aggression and map control. If FP had just kept on farming then Nigma would have been cornered into their part of the map with only option to farm wherever possible. Even though Nigma played brilliantly in that team fight, they would have had a tough game if FP didn’t just gank them at that moment and played smartly.

Late Game

FP gave all of their efforts to turn the game around and delayed Nigma’s victory by a lot. With the help of Storm Spirit, they were able to find many pick-offs and Nigma were neither able to split push or push when all 5 heroes of FP were alive. Only the death of Storm Spirit allowed Nigma to push at high-ground.

A tip for young players

When you are making a comeback in the game and your entire team is hyped up for more action, remember that the opponent is that much scared and prepared. So in this situation, pause your aggression and spend a couple of minutes to control the map and make your enemy think that you are busy farming. When they ease up and spread, that’s the time you go out and hunt them.

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