How the Premier League could make FIFA the number one esports title

The rise in esports has been remarkable in recent years, and it’s showing no
signs of slowing down at all. Of course, it’s easy to see why it’s so popular.
After all, who wouldn’t want to play games for a living? And, the chance to
watch high-quality players is why it’s attracting a large, growing audience.

These factors are why it’s on course to be a billion-dollar industry, and esports
is now becoming more mainstream. When it comes to accessing and watching live
events, they are starting to be readily available on TV, not just online.

Another example of how it’s more accessible to players is the rise in
betting options. For those that don’t know, this how
to bet online wiki will explain all the different markets that are involved
with your wagers, and it now applies to esports. That may seem just a little
thing, but with leading bookmakers allowing you to bet on different leagues and
events, it helps the esports industry expand.

As mentioned, that’s going to keep growing too, and a major breakthrough to
a huge fan base could come with the Premier League. The most-watched league in
the world has quickly recognized the importance of esports, and how it can
benefit them. A number of clubs now have their own esports teams, representing
them at events across the world. Meanwhile, earlier in the year, the league did
their own FIFA tournament involving players, which
was won by Diogo Jota who was then at Wolves, which brought a lot of

Even though FIFA is an extremely popular and well-known title, it’s by no
means the most in-demand esports game around. Instead, the likes of League Of
Legends, Dota 2, CS:GO, and Fortnite would be the games that are played in the
biggest numbers. However, with the help of the Premier League, FIFA could have
an even bigger reach as it taps into a football market that attracts fans from
all across the world.

From the perspective of clubs, it’s easy to see why they are placing increased
importance on esports. Crucially, it allows them to appeal to the younger
generation as they aim to extend their fan base in the future. Clubs will see
millions of people watching these games, so, if their name and brand can be
associated with a player who wins a tournament, it’s a good look that could be
profitable for them in the long-term.

Therefore, strides have already been made as the Premier League plays a more
prominent role in the esports world. Along with clubs hiring
professional players, an esports league that brings fans together has
already proven popular over the last few years.

Ultimately, there has been a lot of skepticism surrounding esports over the
years, but there is now an understanding that it’s here to stay and getting
bigger and better all the time. The Premier League have recognized that, and
their publicity and support of FIFA mean it has the potential to be a huge hit
for a new audience in the future.

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