Immortal Treasure II is here and it brings with it rare sets for Jakiro, Witch Doctor, Slardar and Ursa

It has been a long wait, but Immortal Treasure II for the TI10 Battle Pass is finally here!

Immortal Treasure II is now available #dota2

The treasure features immortals for Sven, Magnus, Slardar, Troll Warlord, Witch Doctor, Silencer, Jakiro and Ursa. Jakiro is the rare immortal while Ursa is ultra rare. The Witch Doctor and Slardar immortals are also available in gold as very rare immortals.

The ultra rare set for Ursa makes him look a bit like Alchemist. He has a cub on his back, probably one of the ones from when he says ‘for the cubs’. Not really safe to bring a cub into battle though, is it? Oh well, at least the set looks good.

It is now time to implement the routine procedure – open all Immortal Treasure IIs, complain that you got only one rare immortal, and ask Valve when Immortal III is coming.

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