Jack Link’s on Plans to Expand its Portfolio in Gaming

Jack Link’s Beef Jerky is planning to expand its portfolio in gaming, and it says it’s finding success in the space including with its recent retail packaging promotion around Call of Duty.

The Minnesota-based company got into esports in late 2019 via a deal with Envy Gaming, which has connected Jack Link’s with other companies in the space – namely Activision Blizzard. The video game maker later struck a deal with Jack Link’s to advertise an in-game rewards promotion on its jerky product packaging at retail which gives Jack Link’s a presence both in competitive and amateur gaming.

It has also now announced a branded Call of Duty: Warzone Invitational Series tournament it will run with Envy and air on Twitch later this month.

Stephanie Leibke, vice president of marketing for Jack Link’s, and Hunter Qualls, senior marketing manager for the company, said that early returns on the retail activation have been promising, with 30K redemptions in the first three weeks from products sold at Walmart. The brand is working exclusively with Walmart on the promotion through January but will look to expand this to other retailers thereafter.

Taken in total, the executives say that the different touchpoints are adding up to both tangible business results on the retail end and a strong marketing message to a set of consumers who fit with the brand’s typical sweet spot.

“When we started to look at gaming, what really intrigued us is our consumers are so passionate about everything they do, and traditionally that’s camping, hunting, exploring the outdoors or whatever it might be, but we see that same passion as well in this space,” Leibke said. “The association with snacking (in gaming) is a really intriguing area for us.”

As Jack Link’s looks to where it will expand to next in gaming sponsorship, Leibke and Qualls said that forming a relationship similar to the one it has with Envy, where the team helped find business-to-business relationships for Jack Link’s to grow its business, will be what it tries to find.

“We really want it to be a true partnership and not just put our brand logo somewhere,” she said. “We want to be a part of the community and what it stands for, so as we align where we go next, we will make sure we create those tight reciprocal relationships where we all benefit.”

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