JD Gaming sweep FunPlus Phoenix as another world champion falls in LPL semis

On Sunday, 2018 world champions Invictus Gaming lost 1-3 to Top Esports and today, 2019 world champions FunPlus Phoenix followed them to the consolation final. FPX couldn’t take a single game off of JD Gaming and will watch the LPL grand finals from the sidelines.

JDG and FPX played an uncharacteristically slow game 1 and went 35 minutes without a kill — something that just never happens in the LPL. By that time, however, JDG had built up a 10K gold lead and even though FPX secured Ocean Soul, a buff incredibly powerful on Kassadin, which Kim “Doinb” Tae-sang had picked, there was not enough damage to beat JDG in a straight up fight. Zhang “Zoom” Xing-Ran, who was a large part of JDG’s Cinderella story in 2019 Spring, once again carried hard on Gangplank, putting on a 2/0/7 KDA.

Game 2 picked up the pace, but the first fight at Rift Herald gave JDG the first three kills of the game. FPX recovered in the next big team fight and Doinb even scored a triple kill on his signature Ryze, but JDG remained the better 5v5 team once again, securing Mountain Soul and pushing with both Baron and Elder Drake for the 2-0.

Game 3 was the one that was the closest had several twists that kept it unpredictable. After leading for most of the mid game, JDG took a bad fight as they were pushing FPX’s base. With death timers large enough, FPX sprinted through the mid lane, took the entire lane of objectives and peeled off both Nexus turrets. The game seemed pretty over until Lee “LokeN” Dong-wook’s Aphelios respawned to clean up the Phoenix and secure the 3-0.

The win sets up a JDG vs. TES grand final to close the 2020 Spring Season. Both teams are undefeated with their starting rosters. JDG have not dropped a series when starting Zoom, and neither have TES since they signed Yu “JackeyLove” Wen-Bo. While TES’ roster might look stronger on paper, JDG are on a 16-game win streak, which includes clean 2-0’s against Invictus Gaming, eStar, and now FPX.

The grand finals are set for May 2nd. Before that, iG and FPX will decide the bronze medalist on April 29.

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