LA Major: Fnatic's qualifier stats

Fnatic are the first team from Southeast Asia to secure a ticket to the ESL One Los Angeles Major after a rather impressive qualifier run in which they claimed eight victories and dropped just two games. Here are Fnatic’s stats in the qualifier campaign.

Most Picked Heroes by Fnatic

  • Earthshaker (4)
  • Slardar (4)
  • Clock (3)
  • Snap (3)
  • Void Spirit (3)

Most Banned Heroes by Fnatic

  • Magnus (5)
  • Slark (4)
  • Phantom lancer (4)
  • Mars (3)
  • Nyx (3)

Teams that defeated Fnatic

  • Geek Fam (1 game)
  • Boom ID (1 game)

Average Game Time & Shortest Game

  • 35 minutes & 18 minutes

Game Analysis of their last match

Fnatic had good advantage in pushing and Adroit had advantage in initiation, split pushing and disables. Fnatic had 3,000 networth lead at 9th minute and 8,000 lead at 15th minute. They destroyed the lanes and one big team fight at bot secured their win.

An important thing to notice is that Adroit were frustrated from internet issues and they called GG as soon as they lost a big fight. There were several disconnects during the game which might indicate bad FPS or lag.

Hence it is necessary not to think that Adroit got destroyed in the game. They are a good team that has performed brilliantly in the group stages. They are now in the lower brackets and they will fight either Geek Fam or IO Dota 2, if they win that Bo3 series then they will directly qualify for the Major.

On the other hand, Fnatic looks like the strongest team in SEA and have adopted well enough in the new patch.

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