League Of Legends Pro Rages Out And Quits Jump King

Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok’s robotic precision and ability to keep his cool under pressure has made him League of Legends royalty as T1’s premier player, but even he can’t handle the demands of the laborious Jump King. The complexities of League is one thing, but there is nothing more soul-sucking than a difficult retro-style platformer as Faker would soon realize that warming up with Jump King before a League game wasn’t the best of ideas.

Jump King has become a sensation on Twitch, and much like other games in its vein like Flappy Bird and other difficult platformers, it has served as the ultimate test of timing, skills and patience for all levels of players. Faker’s timing failed him after a decent start as he would mistime jumps time and again, and would plunge towards doom as his patience began to waver. Faker eventually had enough and after his character met a gruesome death once more, he quit the game without even blinking and proceeded onward with his League game.

Faker’s subdued irritation might not match the salt of a DarkSydePhil or LowTierGod, but the swift and silent rage quit from the footage was enough indication that he was not having it anymore. With Faker’s silent submission, Jump King claims another League of Legends player with the platformer serving as a stern challenge to pros and streamers alike.

Ultimately, Faker’s frustrations did not lead to him banging on his keyboard like an irate toddler or shouting at the top of his lungs like some psychopath. This act of “rage” goes to show his championship-level composure, as well as general awareness that he’s being watched and is mindful of his conduct. A freakout that can compromise his sponsorships or standings with League officials this was not.

While there may not be many who can keep up with him in League, there is hope out there for those also struggling with Jump King that even the best gamers in the world are struggling with the madness-inducing game. Hopefully, those who do get consumed by rage as they plummet to their deaths time and again in the game follow Faker’s lead and keeps their cool.

A daunting task if there ever was one.

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