League of Legends Worlds Grand Final Peaked At Nearly 46 Million Concurrent Viewers

The 2020 World Championship was the biggest League of Legends esports event ever, according to numbers released today by Riot Games in association with StreamHatchet. The event saw a 23 million average minute audience (AMA) for its Grand Final, which peaked at 45.95 million concurrent viewers.

The 2020 World Championship Grand Final took place on October 31st, at the Pudong Arena in Shanghai, China. A small live audience was allowed to attend, while the event followed strict COVID-19 safety guidelines. The match between China’s Suning and South Korean squad DAMWON Gaming went on for four games, with DAMWON taking home the victory in a 3-1 scoreline.

While only around 6,000 people were allowed in attendance, the Final match broke the viewership records set by last year’s Worlds. Across 21 platforms and streams in 16 different languages, the Grand Final game saw an AMA of 23 million. This puts the event head and shoulders above other large-scale esports events like the Overwatch League Grand Final, which had a 1.55 million AMA.

The Finals game peaked at 45.95 million concurrent viewers, according to data provided by Riot Games and StreamHatchet. Over one billion hours of competitive League of Legends were watched throughout the event, with the play-in stage seeing a 61% increase in AMA viewership.

As the numbers show, League of Legends continues to grow worldwide, and holds its claim as the biggest esport in the world.

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