LEAK: Legends of Runeterra 2020 beta potentially starting January 12

Legends of Runeterra, Riot Games’ digital card game based on the League of Legends universe, has been hybernating over the winter holidays. After a short November stint that showcased the game’s drafting mode, Expeditions, the game went dark, with little to no updates from Riot Games. Based on previous information, we knew that the third beta testing wave would come early in Q1 2020, but that could be sooner than anticipated.

Riot gave start to Season 10 yesterday, by revealing the official cinematic for it, and laid out a content reveal schedule for the next week. Each day until January 15, fans will get updates on not just League of Legends, but also the side-projects its universe has spawned: Legends of Runeterra, and autobattler mode Teamfight Tactics.

According to the official timeline, the Legends of Runeterra spot is on day 3, which is Sunday, January 12. An earlier version of the page’s meta description then said:

“Ranked mode, social features, guardians, boards, and so much more to come. The Beta Season is here—and now is the perfect time to jump in.”

The bold text strongly hints that the Beta Season will indeed launch this weekend, but it could also mean “here” as in “coming”. The rest of the meta description does sound more like an announcement/preview type of event, as does the updated page source, which reads:

“Join Ghostcrawler as he previews upcoming ways to explore Runeterra.”

If you have Legends of Runeterra beta access, you will do well to find a good Runeterra decks site like Decks of Runeterra or Mobalytics and get prepared for a potential beta launch this Sunday.

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