Learn to carry like a pro with the GamerzClass Nikobaby course

Regarded as one of the most explosive and aggressive carry players in the professional scene, Nikolay “Nikobaby” Nikolov is oftentimes the absolute star in the Alliance matches.

His unique playstyle and close to madness team fight sense helped Alliance become one of the top four teams in Europe immediately after he joined the team. Going from zero to hero in a matter of months after he was discovered by Mineski last year, prior to the International 2019, Nikobaby is now ready to unveil some of his secrets and help others improve their carry play and game sense.

In the most recent GamerzClass Masterclass Nikobaby breaks down the position 1 role in several major aspects as follows:

  • Farming Patterns
  • Drafting & Hero selection
  • Team fighting
  • Split Pushing
  • Laning Phase
  • Playing from behind
  • Transitioning into the midgame and more

“Nikobaby was one of the last missing pieces in our Dota 2 portfolio & we’re super happy to have him as the first coach to teach position 1 on our platform as he is a very talented player with a lot of years ahead to grow even further,” Victor Folmann, Founder and CEO of GamerzClass said in the official press release of the Nikobaby Masterclass.

GamerzClass Nikobaby carry masterclass contains more than 20 lessons and it’s a part of the Supreme Dota 2 Membership package that helps the casual players get better at Dota and start playing more like the pros. Nikobaby’s course is GamerzClass’s 4th Dota 2 production and his name now joins other great minds that shared their game knowledge in personal courses, such as  N0tail, Cr1t-, and Topson. The membership costs $9.99/month but new members get access to everything for free with a 14 day free trial.


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