LEC and LCS to resume this weekend

Both the LEC and LCS leagues will resume this weekend after skipping only one week of play, Riot Games confirmed Tuesday. All matches will be played online.

For the LEC, all teams will play from their Berlin headquarters, with the exception of Origen, who will compete from their Copenhagen base. LEC management confirmed that ping is expected to be low, but should connectivity issues appear, they will explore the option of pausing the match and resuming at a later time.

Due to the coronavirus still raging in Europe, the LEC will not be sending referees to teams’ bases of operations and instead relying on surveillance tech to verify the competitive integrity.

“In accordance with local and governmental guidelines and to further help mitigate any health risks we have decided not to send a referee to each team facility. Instead, we will be implementing a variety of measures to protect competition integrity to the extent possible in a remote environment, including additional cameras to monitor the rooms the players will compete in, fully monitoring voice communications, screen recording, and remote control ability, on top of other measures currently being considered.”

The LCS will be adjusting to accommodate the online format. Monday Night League is cancelled and the LCS will return to the previous two-day format. LCS commissioner Chris Greeley warned, that the league is likely to not have the same “polish” as the studio-produced days and that broadcast hiccups are expected.

The LCS Spring Playoffs will begin the very next weekend that the Spring Split ends, starting Apr. 4.

The return of LEC and LCS so soon after their suspension will practically have zero delays to the already rescheduled LoL esports calendar. The LPL’s regular season ends Apr. 19 and there’s still no telling when the LCK will return, although recent reports indicate that Korea’s premier circuit might be back on streams by the end of March.

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