Leona and Karma join the Teamfight Tactics roster as Lunar units in Patch 10.1

Even though Teamfight Tactics Patch 9.24 is only a couple of days old, Riot has been slowly releasing all the new content hitting the Convergence in 2020. And two new champions, along with the Lunar origin, are next on the list.

The power of the moon is coming to TFT with Leona and Karma. They’ll harness their Lunar energy to buff allies and wreak havoc, according to today’s post on the League website. Unit durability is the focus for this set—the longer your team’s alive, the more damage they deal. Leona provides the frontline needed for a drawn-out fight, tanking and deflecting damage for as long as she can. Karma, on the other hand, needs to be positioned carefully because of her ability to buff and shield your carry.

Here’s the new Lunar set debuting in TFT’s Patch 10.1.


Two-unit bonus: Every seven seconds, your team gains 20 percent Critical Strike Chance, 20 percent Critical Strike Damage, and 20 percent Spell Power (stacks up to four times).


  • Skin: Lunar Eclipse
  • Cost: One
  • Origin: Lunar
  • Class: Warden
  • Ability – Lunar Eclipse: Leona reduces all damage by 35/70/105 for five seconds.


  • Skin: Dawnbringer
  • Cost: Three
  • Origin: Lunar
  • Class: Mystic
  • Ability – Inspire: At the start of combat, Karma tethers to her closest ally. Karma shields the tethered ally (or a random one if the tether is dead) for five seconds, absorbing the next 200/350/500 damage. While the shield holds, the ally receives 50/75/100 percent bonus Attack Speed.

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