Mobile Legends: Bang Bang "Contest for the Artifact" trailer pins Bane against Freya with a..Kraken?

Just days after the release of the first part of the Fighters on Stormy Sea trailer titled “The Mysterious Artifact” video, Moonton has released Chapter II – “Contest for the Artifact.”

The description for the video lays out the situation as follows:

As the artifact Aurora Heart glows brightly on the sea, the battle is also reaching the climax. Who will it eventually belong to? Freya? Franco? Bane? Or Atlas? And what does the future hold for the Northern Valers?

The video shows Aurora’s Heart introduced in the first video being grabbed by Bane before the daughter of the Northern Vale, Freya swears to defend her land from Bane and his new pet Kraken.

This beast looks to help Bane conquer the seas and with the power of Aurora’s Heart, things aren’t looking good.

The video ends with Freya (in her new Valkyrie skin) getting ready to engage in battle with the Kraken. We can only assume we’ll get to witness the next part in the series in the near future.

One thing is for sure, Moonton has us on the edge of our seats. What new content could be coming to the game based on the video? How will it impact the meta? Does this mean reworks for any heroes (we’ve already seen changes coming to Freya – is Bane next?)? We’ll just have to wait and see.

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