MTG Arena mobile will launch in 2020, says Hasbro

Magic Arena will launch on mobile in 2020, Hasbro announced during its earnings call this morning.

Hasbro reported today that earnings from MTG Arena throughout 2019 increased revenue growth. The company plans to keep that revenue flowing with the release of Arena on mobile, according to Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner. 

Since the early days of closed beta to the official release of Magic Arena this past October, players have been asking for a mobile version of the digital card game. With Riot releasing Legends of Runeterra on mobile later this year, the race is on. But some players are concerned about the UI functioning properly on a mobile device. 

“I will believe it when I see it,” a Reddit user said. “I can’t imagine the UI working on a phone. Tablet sure, but Arena is way too cluttered for a phone.”

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