Neymar impresses with clean ace in CSGO during live stream

Neymar is a star on the football (soccer) field but he’s not too shabby in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive either. The Paris Saint-Germain and Brazil superstar drew a lot of attention to himself in the CS:GO world yesterday after pulling off a ridiculous ACE with a pistol.

During the live stream on Twitch Neymar hit over 110,000 viewers while playing the popular first-person shooter with his friends. The 28-year-old kicked off the second half of a match on Inferno in style as he’s known to do on the pitch.

Playing from the CT side, Neymar managed to flank his opposition and through A-halls and land two headshots before falling back to reload. Re-aggressing, Neymar pulled off three more clean headshots to close out the round and secure the ACE.

The clip has already amassed 218,000 views on Twitch. This even drew the attention of the official CSGO Twitter account which advertised the stars Twitch.

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