Nmplol and malena have relationship breakdown on stream

Twitch streamers Nick “nmplol” Polom and Malena “malena” Tudi had a massive outburst during their broadcast. Nmplol and malena are known for their Just Chatting content and close relationship with creator Chance “sodapoppin” Morris. Moreover, the community gets a front-row seat to the dynamic, making their transparent relationship a source of interest.

On June 7, the duo started the stream like any regular day. However, a series of interactions between the pair led the chat to spiral out of control. Malena, as usual, cooked breakfast for her partner but was met with disappointment when nmplol asked why there wasn’t any lettuce. The lack of appreciation for her efforts and a community member’s unflattering comment about malena’s appearance triggered an argument.

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      Malena lashes out at nmplol

      After the joke, malena’s growing anger became palpable. Shortly after, malena started in on nmplol, saying his lack of effort ruins their stream. Furthermore, she said she invests more consideration into the relationship. In response, nmplol implied she was exaggerating. Despite his efforts to calm the situation, malena continued by expressing her partner puts no effort into doing the things she asks of him.


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      argument 1

      Nmplol играет в Общение

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      As the pair continued to fight, nmplol brought up a clip from The Break-Up. He compared their argument to the movie. In a heated moment, malena yelled at nmplol for not taking the time to help her with her computer issues. In response, he called her a “b*tch” and acknowledged he’s aware of the computer problem.


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      argument 2

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      After this, the duo tried to reel in their emotions and watch the rest of the clip. At this point, their conversation segued into how malena doesn’t feel emotionally fulfilled. Towards the end of the stream, nmplol attempted to move on from the situation and instead read viewer donations. However, malena refused to drop the issue, and a frustrated nmplol abruptly ended the stream after throwing money at her.

      Warning: mature language


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      end of stream

      Nmplol играет в Общение

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      Where does their relationship go from here?

      As stated before, it’s not uncommon for the couple to engage in the typical lovers’ quarrel. Though, today’s outburst was one for the record books. A vast number of clips and posts on LiveStreamFails and the official nmplol subreddit have gone up already. It remains to be seen how the pair chooses to rebound from this embarrassing display.

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