Nuguri on facing G2 Esports: "We got our chance for revenge"

Jang “Nuguri” Ha-gwon is probably one of the best top laners of the moment, but the most important games of his career are about to start.

This weekend, DAMWON Gaming, the last LCK representative, will face G2 Esports, the last LEC representative, in the 2020 World Championship Semi-Finals.

This match between two of the favorite teams to get the title looks promising, a titan fight where anything can happen… a completely different situation than last year.

The first time these two teams faced each other was at the 2019 World Championship. DAMWON had qualified for the Main Event through the Play-in Stage, and once there, started showing their potential after finishing firsts of their group, where they overcame teams like Invictus Gaming or Team Liquid.

It was in the Quarter-Finals where the Korean team matched the European powerhouse, and probably you already know how this ended… G2 Esports beat DAMWON Gaming 3-1 and eliminated them from worlds.

Now it is time for revenge. Nuguri’s team is no longer the small threat it was once and actually has become the most feared team of the World Championship.

What will happen? We don’t know, but luckily we have some impressions from Nuguri, thanks to an interview published by InvenGlobal, where the top laner talks about the upcoming Semi-Finals.

According to him, the team has not changed anything in their routine, they keep practicing and playing scrims while taking care of their health having quality rest.

When the interviewer asked him about his team’s reaction when they knew that G2 Esports were their opponents for the Semi-Finals, Nuguri answered solidly:

G2 Esports’ performance in this World Championship was really sharp and fierce, so we thought we should prepare thoroughly. We also said that we got our chance for revenge“.

After confessing that he is looking out for G2 Esports’ mid laner, Rasmus “Caps” Borregaard, Nuguri gave us an overview of the situation: it is impossible to know what the score will be against the LEC representative, and despite DAMWON’s players are in good condition, and their will to win the Championship is very strong, they still feel a bit of pressure.

The series between these two titans will happen tomorrow Saturday, October 24th. Check your time-zone schedule here!

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