Origen BCN will no longer participate in the SLO after SevenMila and Astralis Group part ways

Origen BCN won’t be competing in the Orange Super League due to Spanish event company SevenMila and Astralis Group parting ways, the organization announced today.

The SLO spot will now be run solely by SevenMila, where the team will settle in Esplugues de Llobregat, Barcelona under a new name. Origen, on the other hand, said it intends to return to the SLO “as soon as possible.”

Origen on Twitter

We want to thank SevenMila and all the Spanish fans for their support during the Orange Super League in 2019. Spain is a vital part of Origen and we have the ambition to return to the SLO as soon as possible. More news will come soon. https://t.co/rtcdw3gsvv

Origen acquired the SLO spot from KIYF Esports Club last January and formed Origen BCN in Spain. In 2019, the team came in second in each split but fell short of the title every time. Origen lost to Splyce Vipers in the Spring Split Finals, and during the Summer Split, they lost to Vodafone Giants in the finals as well.

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