Overwatch League 2020 All-Stars Weekends In Review

With the regular season and most of the playoffs finished, it was time for arguably the most fun event during the Overwatch League season: the All Stars weekends.

In a departure from what has been done in the previous two seasons, All Stars this year was split into the two regions: Asia Pacific (APAC) and North America (NA). The teams have been split into these regions for most of the season because of the restrictions imposed on countries by the pandemic.

Even apart, these players were able to have fun, and these events are truly enjoyable to watch. The APAC All Stars, also featuring Korean players from NA region who had returned home, took place last week, with NA happening this week. APAC had a few more show matches, but both weekends featured the same core three events: the Talent Takedown, the Widowmaker 1v1, and the All Star game.

For the Widowmaker 1v1, the top eight Widowmaker players were invited to participate in a mini-tournament, with the winner and runner up taking home monetary prizes. Widowmaker is a sniper, and one of the more difficult characters to play correctly… but she’s also one of the most clutch characters as well. In APAC, Min Sung “Diem” Bae was able to defend his 2019 Widow 1v1 champion title, and Jiri “LiNkzr” Masalin was able to claim the title in NA for the first time.

The Talent Takedown matches were also amusing. They featured casters and analysts teaming up and going against each other. In APAC, the Chinese talent took on the Korean talent. In NA, two former OWL players who now commentate and analyze drafted their teams from all the NA talent. The Takedown matches, particularly the NA match, was full of hilarity and trash-talking.

But the main events were the All Star Games.

Each All Star game featured three maps (with a 4th, had there been a tiebreaker needed), all with different rules. Map 1 was played with standard 6v6 competitive rules, but for map 2, teams chose the characters their opponents would be playing.

But hands down the most amusing were the map 3 games where they played with a rule set called Tiny Overwatch. The players start as teeny versions of their characters, and the more healing and damage they put out, the bigger they grown, and the slower they get. With the smaller hitboxes and enhanced speed of the tiny characters, these maps sent the casters in both regions into fits of giggles. If there’s one thing you watch from the weekends, watch each map 3 from the All Star games. You won’t regret it.

Prizes were announced throughout the two weekends as well, including the Season MVP, the various Role Stars, Rookie of the Year, Coach of the Year, and the Dennis Halweka award winner.

The Grand Finals start this coming weekend, running October 8-10.

Sources: Overwatch League

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