Overwatch League Adds Xfinity As 2020 Season Sponsor

This year’s Overwatch League season has been defined by a continuous series of new variables introduced into the previous seasons’ formula. First its city-based homestands seemed like they would be a make-or-break business model for the future of the league; then the introduction of hero pools proposed an alternative to last year’s gameplay being defined by only a few different meta hero compositions– a solution with vocal fans and opponents alike; and finally, as with very literally everything else this year, the current pandemic required a whole new series of adaptations to be implemented league-wide in order for matches to continue whatsoever.

Among those was the move from the season’s marquee homestand-based model to all matches being played entirely online. Now, following this new and likely (hopefully) temporary change, the Overwatch League has announced Xfinity as the league’s official internet service provider for its English-language broadcasts.

This partnership isn’t surprising or even new to the league. Xfinity sponsored the Overwatch League 2019 Season’s playoffs and Grand Finals, which essentially meant that the internet service provider was advertised during livestreams of the events. At the time, the brand was described by representatives from Blizzard and Xfinity’s parent company Comcast as a service beneficial to gamers watching at home for their online play.

Now, of course, all gaming is done at home, by casual and professional players both. On one hand, every single Overwatch League player is currently relying on a stable internet connection to compete in league matches. Plus, in conjunction with the league’s changes, at-home gaming is becoming a preferred pastime of gamers new and old alike. Having a reliable internet connection (necessary for working from home, Zoom hangouts and more, in addition to gaming) is becoming more and more of a priority worldwide, the addition of an official ISP to the league’s sponsors feels like a natural choice for the current state of the Overwatch League.

In practice, this now means that Xfinity will sponsor a new series of highlight videos as well as incorporate a new feature into its X1 voice remotes that directs players to OWL streams by saying “Overwatch League” aloud. They now join fellow sponsors Cheez-Its, Zipchair Gaming, Coca-Cola and others.

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